Bicycling Safety Tips

Bicycling is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but it is always important to be safe, take precautions, and be prepared.

Trail Etiquette / Rules

  • Keep to the right of the trail.
  • Yield to walkers and other trail users.
  • All users of the trails share responsibility for the courteous use of them.
  • Respect public and private property.
  • Pets must be on a short leash. Keep your animal to the edge of the trail and tight to your side when another trail user approaches.
  • Pick up after your pets.
  • Be courteous to other trail users.


  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Yield to walkers and other trail users.
  • Be courteous of other trail users.
  • Keep to the right of the trail.
  • Respect public and private property.
  • Ride defensively.
  • Adhere to all stop signs and traffic signals.
  • Be aware of riders or others behind you before you stop.
  • Slow down and use caution when approaching walkers, runners and othercyclists from either way. Make your presence known well in advance.
  • Pull offthe trail or road if necessary.
  • Ride in small groups (less than five), and avoid riding abreast when meeting other trails users.
  • Signal all turns and stops with appropriate hand signals and/or verbally.
  • Always stay in the right lane. Pass on the left when clear.
  • Avoid passing when approaching trail areas with blind spots like curves on the trail.
  • Give a vocal warning like “biker on your left”; or ring a bell to warn others when you are passing.
  • Don’t cross the street against the light.
  • Double check for traffic before proceeding through an intersection.
  • Ensure vehicles are stopping and make eye contact with the driver before proceeding through an intersection, even if the cyclist does have the right of way.
  • Watch for cars pulling out onto the trail; they may not see you.
  • Wear light colored or reflective clothing when cycling at night or in low light or foggy conditions.
  • Use appropriate safety equipment.
  • Use a light on your bike when dark, both front and back – it’s the law.
  • Carry a cell phone, Identification Card, Medical Card, First Aid Kit, bicycle tire repair kit and extra water.
  • When cycling at night or long distances, let someone know the route you will be taking and approximate time you will be arriving at your destination.
  • Mechanically propelled scooters/bikes are not allowed on trails. (This does not include scooters required by persons with disabilities)

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