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CRNC volunteers make a very important contribution to the conservancy’s work in a variety of ways. They multiply the help of the program and ensure that this important work gets done. The next time you enjoy a trail or education program think about all the volunteer efforts that go into caring for the land and preparation for conservation programs that you enjoy so much. While it is all work, it does feel like play! We would love to have you join our efforts.

Our success depends on a community of volunteers that support special events, educational programs, nature and conservation. CRNC thanks each of our volunteers for their partnership in our mission.

Volunteer Opportunities:

ARK Trails

  • Trail Maintenance: We are always welcoming new volunteers to help clean up the trails. Out on the trails, mother nature doesn’t always clean up everything so there needs to be a clean up crew to take care of the leftovers!
  • Landscaping: Do you have a green thumb and need a place to let your imagination run or to relax doing what you do best? With the Wildflower Garden and many open viewing areas the ARK would be a perfect place for you! We rely on volunteers to help maintain these areas for guest to the trails to enjoy.

ARK Wildlife Hospital  

  • Building Maintenance: Just like the trails, our facilities also need attention. We would be happy to have any volunteers come out and do basic landscaping, and general building maintenance. We want the public to know we pride ourselves in our work and also the buildings that help us to do this!
  • Rebuilding the Coy Pond: GREAT SCOUT PROJECT!!! Our Coy Pond needs to be cleared of over growth and rebuilt with a working pump. It is  just to the side of the front porch were a little picnic table is set. Restoring the pond would just add to the beauty that surrounds the area.


  • Wildlife/Conservation Educator: We are always looking for people that have a love for wildlife and conservation and has some free time that they would like to fill. Volunteers will work with our Education Director on program material, learn to hold education birds & other education animals, and instruct a wildlife program to groups after training!


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Contact: Coldwater River Nature Conservancy
3509 Arkabutla Dam Rd.
Coldwater, MS 38618

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