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ARK Guided Wildlife & Nature Walks

Join Dr. Barnes this summer as he takes you through the ARK Nature Trails where you will learn to id various plants and learn fun interesting facts of the area. Dr. Barnes is a new volunteer for CRNC and has a love for nature and is a self proclaimed Science “dweeb”!
Darrell Barnes was born in Texas in 1963, to a family filled with school teachers. He attended Ole Miss and graduated with the bachelor’s and master’s degrees in science education in the 1980’s. He graduated from Chiropractic school in 1994 and has been maintaining a small Chiropractic practice in Mississippi since that time, while teaching science classes at a local community college. He is interested in bluebird and blood pressure research, and chases snakes!

He is particularly dedicated to producing videos for educational purposes:
Darrell Barnes Science and Nature Channel on YouTube, is his main YouTube channel dedicated to science education: particularly biology, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and physics.

Mississippi Mounds Trail

The Mississippi Mound Trail project is a self-guided driving tour located along or near Highway 61, a major north-south transportation route along the western part of the state.  Highway 61 is also part of the scenic highway known as “The Great River Road.”  The trail route parallels the Mississippi River, one of the greatest commercial waterways in our country and used extensively by the American Indians in the past.

Construction Starts on ARK Education Center

Construction started in May for the new education center at the ARK trails which is being funded with the recent Entergy Environmental grant of $150,000.

Currently there are 2 miles of wooded trails that sit on the wildlife sanctuary located just 10 miles west of Hernando, MS. With the trails becoming more popular with outdoor enthusiast updates are needed to keep up with the increased public use.

Venomous Snake Safety

Warm weather is here! Snakes, lizards and other wild creatures are on the move as they move from one seasonal habitat to another.
As outside temperatures increase in the spring, snakes become more active as they search for food.

Recent flooding in areas around Arkabutla Lake has increased the water area, which makes it more likely you may encounter a snake during this spring or summer.

Commit To Be Fit!

Have you visited the new QR Fitness Trail at the ARK? If so please take a moment to log in your stats.
This will help the Greenways keep track of how the trails are being used by outdoor enthusiast like you so that we may continue to improve!

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